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So many choices—so much confusion!  With over 200 structural and general pest control firms in Oregon alone, the list can easily overwhelm the consumer.  Consider some of the services that family-owned and Oregon-based Leupitz Pest Control offers that sets us apart from all others.

Residential Pest Control Services

Quality service programs—performed by honest, experienced, licensed technicians—are a hallmark of Leupitz’s services.  While the elimination or prevention of a pest problem is our goal, the health and safety of our clients and their families come first.  All of our applied products are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Our technicians exceed state licensing and education standards.  From comprehensive termite protection services to integrated pest management programs to scheduled maintenance services, Leupitz Pest Control can provide what you need to protect the health and safety of their family and property in an environmentally responsible way.

Commercial Pest Control Services

With the growth of population in the Pacific Northwest, the need for environmentally sound commercial pest services is greater than ever.  Leupitz Pest Control has the on-staff experience that has earned us the trust of multi-family property management, schools, universities, shopping center managers, and small business entrepreneurs.  Leupitz has also partnered with commercial building contractors in providing pre-construction termite treatment services for businesses moving into the Northwest.

Real Estate Support Services

Few pest service firms anywhere can match the honesty and integrity of real estate support services that have been at the core of Leupitz’s business for nearly 50 years.  Many real estate transactions on both residential and commercial properties can be delayed or terminated due to the presence of termites, carpenter ants, and other wood destroying pests. To expedite remediation of wood destroying insect infestations, Leupitz can submit the billing of such services to escrow, making even the most complicated of transactions a much easier experience.  The high standards that Leupitz has consistently maintained in the real estate market have earned us a reputation that is second to none.  Many real estate brokers not only recommend Leupitz Pest Control to their clients but also use Leupitz to assist them with their personal pest control needs.

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For any additional details regarding our services, our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions online or over the phone. Visit our contact page for a list of our local phone numbers and e-mail addresses.